Store refit


In march 2020, Adidas’ store in Opéra called on togaether to artistically rethink their store in the context of major works. Several artistic mediums were deployed, creating different universes within the two floors of the store.

  • Mission:

    Artistic direction and production

  • Client:

    adidas France

  • Artists:

    Nathanaël Koffi, Livia Succurro, Lamia Benalycherif, Stéphane Opéra, Maxime Mouroux, William Roden, Stefania Tejada, Haribow, Media Odv

  • Studios:

    Atelier Fabio Pin, Louis Gröbli

  • Venue:

    adidas store Opéra, Paris

Photos : Elise Gerosa

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