Atelier Craft x Villa Médicis


Since the creation of togaether, we have supported various artistic initiatives with the aim of promoting art in all its forms. As an incubator, we are delighted to have supported Atelier Craft as a partner in the realization of the PARASOL TREE HOUSE installation for the Festival des Cabanes at the Villa Medici in Rome, from May 24 to October 1, 2023.

The “Parasol Tree House” is the fruit of a reflection on the cycle of life and the scale of the landscape, at the service of the garden and its users. With the creation of a mechanical tree prototype, the installation proposes a reflection on the place of humans within natural cycles in a context of climatic upheaval. The deployment of an artificial canopy provides shaded areas for the public to inhabit the trunk of the device. During periods of heavy summer rainfall, its funnel-shaped construction also collects rainwater, which is then gradually redistributed to its immediate surroundings during periods of drought.

Design & construction : @atelier.craft
Production : @atelier.craft & @togaether
Photos : @victoria_tanto

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