Anticipation Festival


The culture of change through arts and knowledge.



The first Anticipation festival edition will take place from September 14 to 17, 2023 at the Académie
du Climat, the former Paris 4th arrondissement town hall. To take concrete action on environmental
environmental issues and climate challenges, the festival offers a space for imagining a livable future and projecting ourselves collectively into new possibilities.

The project is supported by togaether, a scenographic and artistic agency, and Tactic/14 Septembre, a sustainable strategy consultancy. Supported by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the Anticipation festival aims to raise public awareness of ecological issues and inspire each visitor to become a player in the climate emergency.

For 4 days, more than twenty artists are mobilizing to alert the general public to the urgent need to
by inviting them to enjoy artistic, cultural and social experiences, and to encourage a culture of change.

Exhibitions, screenings, live performances, concerts, workshops, round tables… The multidisciplinary
program celebrates the meeting of the arts and ecology. As part of Paris Design Week, Anticipation festival features exhibitions by designers and visual artists, such as Maxime Riché, Esther Michaud and Johann Fournier, as well as dance and theater performances, including those of the Minuit 12 collective, concerts by artists from the eco-responsible label Yotanka Records, film screenings by the École des Gobelins and much more…

All these creations have an ecological dimension, inscribed in the works themselves or developed
or developed through the artists’ commitment. They take a different, unconventional look at
on these essential issues.

Round-table discussions on post-growth issues are also on offer, as well as educational such as the Fresque du Climat, designed to explain and analyze the challenges. A collective reflection will emerge from these meetings, in an eco-designed setting with the Réserve des Arts, in line with the festival’s objectives of working the existing and produce the sustainable.

Production : @togaether_ & TACTIC/14Septembre
Avec le soutien de l’ADEME

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